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What’s so special about this Bella girl? …. I miss Anne Rice.

Every mile a memory.

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abolishing the electoral college, accents, american civil war, anglophile, anti-censorship, art, artists, arts & crafts, ballet, batman, bbc, beaches, being awesome, being welsh, black and white photography, blues, books, bookstores, british scifi, burlesque, candles, cats, central florida, chai, chinese food, classic rock, classics, concerts, confederate states of america, cooking, country, craft, crayons, creativity, cross stitch, dancing, deep south, dixie, diy, dogs, duct tape, embroidery, england, english, film, filmmaking, finland, finnish, fishnets, flip flops, florida, folklore, freedom of speech, geeks, glam rock, graphic design, guitar riffs, hair dye, halloween, hillbillies, hippy, history, horror, horror movies, hugs, indie rock, kitsch, languages, learning, libraries, london, make-up, mexican food, mixtapes, movies, music, mythology, needlework, north florida, notebooks, organic food, outlaw country, photoart, photography, pirates, psychology, quotes, rain, reading, rednecks, retro, retro beauty, retro pin-ups, road trips, rock, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, sarcasm, scotland, seamed stockings, sewing, shopping, sleeping in, snail mail, snuggling, social history, socks, south carolina, south of the mason-dixon, soy, summer, sunshine, sushi, sweet tea, tarot, tattoos, tea, television, the south, time travel, tofu, travel, u.s. constitution, used bookstores, vampires, vegan food, vegetarian food, vintage, vinyl records, wales, washington dc, water, welsh, witchery, writing, , , , ,
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