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Friends only Personal schiz kept on paper, the way it oughta be.
Still, I like to know who's reading, so comment. Tell me why you're cool. Dance, dance baby.

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I wanna drink till I feel pretty
I wanna laugh till you get mad
I wanna dance with three more strangers
Till you get over what you have

I can feel you starin' at me
And I just love good irony
The only shot you've got's one more tequila
'Cause I ain't nobody's used to be

It's getting late, a little lonely
And what you're thinkin's all too clear
Lucky for you I've had too many
I'm just drunk enough to leave you here

You can stop anticipatin'
Just go home, I know she's waitin'
And I know you'll be wishin' it was me
Honey, I ain't nobody's used to be
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As soon as they're available again I'm buying myself this -

With all the Jay hate and 'Kneegate' I haven't been able to mourn the loss to Green Bay. I stood in my parents' carport screaming and cheering at the action on the television right along side a cheesehead. The boys think I'm a freak because I actually lost my voice by the end of the game. I can't help it, I'm a fan.

Besides, I'm not going to mourn (not like I moped around after losing the Super Bowl to Indy) because we had a kick ass season. I'll admit to being skeptical after going 0 - 4 in the preseason and looking at what seemed to be an impossible schedule. I wasn't sure about Cutler, Martz, or how Urlacher would come back after missing a whole season. I have never been so glad to be wrong.

I love my Bears. I love Urlacher and Olsen and even Cutler. While I'm getting hyped for the Daytona 500 and the start of race season I can't help but start counting down to the draft. And I swear on a case of Diet Coke, if there's a lockout I may lose my shit.

Also, Clemson? Stop exciting me with the prospect of a stellar season with all these coaching changes if Tahj Boyd is going to be sucking up the field as the number one QB. I know Kyle wasn't the second coming of Whitehurst but he was a damn sight better than Boyd. Seriously guys, it's looking like FSU is going to be on it next year; We have to bring it.

There was talk of boats being put in the water already. I'm jealous. My folks were up in Valdosta all day so I had no chance to talk them into doing the same.

I went down to the pub the Hurricane Who folks use for their meet-ups and conventions yesterday. Seriously good fish & chips. I'm going to have to go back down there for the Wales v. Scotland rugby match. Well worth the drive (though some how I managed to make it from Orlando to St. Augustine in just under two hours). The mall Cricketer's Arms is in is a bit crap, but they have this glow in the dark indoor putt-putt place that I really want to try now. I'm a dork, I know.

Next weekend the parental units make their yearly trip down to Cape Coral to watch the Super Bowl and I get to go back home and stay with Bubba. Thinking about dragging him to the rugby game Saturday if he doesn't have to work so I don't feel like a horrible sister for not spending any time with him.

Seriously though, I think I'm going insane not having school. Only another month or so until enrollment starts for Summer A.

My knees and hip are pissed at me but I've thrown myself into a strict workout schedule again. It's great, it serves multiple functions as it a.) keeps me out of PT, b.) flattens me back out in time for summer and c.) keeps me from slitting my wrists in utter boredom. Downside is I've been spending more time wearing my knee brace than I have since being in colorguard high school.

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Dec. 30th, 2010 12:38 am
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