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I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I got this from [personal profile] killabeez 

Rules: Choose any 3 fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:
  • Highlander (because I'm predictable)
  • Leverage
  • due South (because vids and love)

the first character you loved:
  • Tessa if it's series, Connor if it's movie
  • Hardison (Age of the Geek, baby)
  • Dief, I think. (It was on on Saturday mornings after late night writing, hence 'I think.')

the character you never expected to love so much:
  • Joe, if it's series, Rachel if it's movie
  • Eliot. (I probably should have expected this, mind.)
  • Meg Thatcher

the character you relate to the most:
  • Sean (of course there's mischief in here) or Connor (family can be hard)
  • Parker (we will get there before the end and damn right 20 lbs of crazy in a 5 lb sack)
  • Lt. Welsh (I have measured out my life in herded cats)

the character you’d slap:
  • Hmm. I'm honestly torn between James Horton and Benny Carbassa. No one in the movie except maybe the Kurgan.
  • James Sterling, the most manipulative self-serving bastard of all bastards, Queen's Gambit Job or no.
  • Easy. Tony, Ray Vecchio's brother-in-law. (Now, if I'm slapping the fucker from the pilot ep, I need a two by four with which to slap.)

Three favorite characters (in order of preference):
  • Connor, Kastagir, the news vendor; Sean, Rebecca, Matthew (This month.)
  • Hardison, Eliot, Parker
  • Dief, Lt. Welsh, Benton Fraser (Damn right dS is the Dief show.)

a character you liked at first but not anymore:
  • Maurice got on my nerves by the end in the series; not enough time in the movie, really.
  • I'm trying to think of characters with arcs or more than one appearance. Nope. No one.
  • Hmm. Not really the way I roll, I guess. I got no one.

a character you did not like at first but now do:

  • Movie, no one; series, probably Richie. Once he quit hitting my embarrassment squick so hard, that is.
  • I didn't dislike Sophie, but I was much more fond of her by the end. Nate is still trying to grow on me.
  • Inspector Thatcher
3 otp’s:
  • Um. I do love some Duncan/Methos or Duncan/Methos/Amanda; Connor, well, my Connor otp is Connor MacLeod/Alex Krycek, sorry.
  • OT3 all the way: Spencer/Hardison/Parker
  • Ray K/Fraser, Diefenbaker/snack foods
I’ll tag anyone else who wants to do it.


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